Si montas en bici, y te va esto de ponerla bonita, empiezas a investigar. Lo primero que descubrirás, tarde o pronto, son los sillines Brooks. Hechos a mano desde 1866 en Inglaterra, son el común denominador de una bici elegante.

Nuestra protagonista, lo muestra orgullosa en su preciosa Schindelhauer roja. Tres marchas, que cambian con la bici parada, para esas cuestecillas con las que de vez en cuando nos reta la ciudad.

El outfit: Boyfriend Shirt rosa, chinos remangados y las que no pueden faltar este verano: desert boots en su versión alpargata.

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5 respuestas a Bailén

  1. Alfons dijo:

    Me gustaria utilizar esta foto en un diseño, de un tema de bicicletas.
    y quiero saber si citando la fuente, me dais permiso.

    • Jeen dijo:

      Although I agree with Matthew’s comments from a burn caoirle-fitness perspective. I have personally found from the clients I have been working with that they are able to maintain a consistent regime of walking for a lot longer than if I have suggested to start running to lose weight (as they tend to see it as too difficult and it is easy to stop doing) and therefore walking has proven to be a better approach for long term weight loss.

  2. Smart Ride dijo:

    Siempre que nos cites, alfons, puedes usarla.

    Un saludo!

    • Arief dijo:

      How about both? Interval training is a great way to tap into drefeifnt energy systems while helping to starve off boredom. I’ve seen some walkers appear like they are running and some runners look as if they are walking in their training zone. Interval training can be used for beginners and athletes. The short on losing weight is burning more calories than one consumes while maintaining muscle.

  3. Marco dijo:

    There is no better when it comes to wnkliag vs running. What matters is how the exercise is completed. If the walk is a brisk pace that gets the heart rate up for over 30 minutes at a time, fat will begin to burn. Same with running. Overall, one must decide which one, or a combination of the two they will be able to continue and build upon as they work towards their fitness goals. If a person detests running, then running will not be an effective way to lose weight and vise versa.


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